The Industrial Eye = Industrial ken with a camera

Industrial Ken has a blog now too! Photography is his new passion and I'm in love with his photos.


Ali Harville said...

Such great photography! I'm so impressed. Fantastic.

Moda de Subculturas (Sana) said...

Nice work! :D
Loved to see you back! I love your blog and style, I miss your posts!
Do you have fb or instagram? ;)

GothBarbie said...

Thanks Ali! I passed on the compliment!

Hi Moda/ Sana - How sweet of you to miss me! I think I may be having a resurgence of blogging very soon! But i do not have fb or instagram at present (don't even have a fancy phone : ) Just checked out your blog and I'm loving the REal Gothic Brasil team photos! YAY!!

Sana said...

Thanks Goth Barbie (here is Sana from Moda de Subculturas blog)!Happy you liked Real Gothic brazilian team, they are friends of mine! I follow your blog for a while and I adore your style and pictures. <3