The Love Affair...

yes the way to my heart is through my mailbox.


newest addition to the shoe collection

nabbed these at Steve Madden on clearance - I'm in LOVE!


everything vibrant and lush

We've had amazing amounts of rain this summer, but at least that gives us really vibrant lush plantlife. Even if it drives my allergies crazy.

New earrings and necklace - yes more rhinestones please! bling bling!


On a cute day ~

Betsey dresses go best with boots!

Floral print with skulls - and a super cute new purse!


Metallic knee length skirt!

I don't really like my hair or the photos - but LOVE this skirt - so I had to share!

I rediscovered this gem while organizing some of my wardrobe, I've had this skirt longer than I've had my husband! LOL.


Got a haircut

My new cut is working out really well! And I LOVE the black low-lights she added.

and I actually have some "BEFORE" photos - I had been just letting it grow for about a year since my last haircut - so it was quite a sight unstyled!


Red is so Hot! even with teal hair!

I love the rhinestone evil eye cuff my mother gave me for my birthday this year - and the shoes! They have black shiny spikes, though it's hard to spot in the photo.