Martha Rotten Skull Bracelet

This AMAZING Skull bracelet was a gift from Industrial Ken for my birthday this month - we found it in a shop in Baltimore that carried Martha Rotten Jewelry - The whole line is FANTASTIC!

I also got a new purse earlier this week - it's quite shiny and fun!

Does anyone know where I can find more colors in the Dr. Marten Darcie boot? A few years ago when I bought this pair there were colors and patterns galore - now - nothing!


Lucretia said...

That bracelet is TO DIE for! How gorgeous!! Gotta go check out her Etsy shop, thanks for the link!:-)

How sucky to get spam on your blog; people can be SO disgusting. I hate the living... present company excepted, of course!

Undergroundfortea Gothic said...

I need those boots! Love the bracelet- too bad I type all day and would snaggle the danglies :)

Insomniac’s Attic said...

Beautiful bracelet, GothBarbie! Industrial Ken has very good taste. :o)

She has some really nice things in her shop - the baby and doll head stuff is a little creepy, but in a good way!!

I'm so excited - I just ordered my very first pair of Dr. Marten's ever. Should be good in the forest, running away from bears. LOL

GothBarbie said...

WOOOOO @Insomniac! Charles SWEARS by Dr. Martens boots, they're pretty much all he wears. Most of them are too flat for me - but the Darcies' were just right! Hope I can find some more size 8's in other colors someplace!

I'm so glad you all like the Martha Rotten line - I knew I could share this find with my internet goth friends! : )

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous bracelet! And purse! And I love the mix of your skirt and leggings and cami - nice blend of green patterns. Awesome boots, and your hair looks great too! You are so fab! - RubyAli

Anonymous said...

Very cute outfit!