Ride the Metro to Eastern Market - then eat at Jimmy T's !



This place has cool architectural deco items, we bought some things there last trip-

I want this one -

Then a walk through a really nice residential area (Capitol Hill?) will take you to the yummiest waffles EVER!

THIS is where you will find them -

He's jealous b/c I got SUPER YUMMY WONDERFUL FANTASTIC WAFFLES and he got...not waffles!


Insomniac's Attic said...

Oh wow, what is that pink and green thing that you want? Is it part of a tin ceiling or something? I'm hoping you actually bought it!

LOL, next time he should order the waffles. ;o)

GothBarbie said...

YES - I'm in love with the pink and green thing! : ) But I didn't buy it - a little large to carry around (another reason I don't fancy public transportation). That place claims they're selling architectural salvage - but how much of that is there to be had? I suspect repro!

and YES the WAFFLES!

Uvita Viruella said...

Breakfast looks super delicious!
I absolutely love your hair! ♥