Pretty great cupcake from Occasionally Cake in Alexandria, VA

I brake for cupcakes. Well for most baked goods.
So on our trip, when we found ourselves strolling around Alexandria, VA I had to seek out a couple cupcake shops!
Love the name of this place - I got the Orange Dreamcicle cupcake there.

I also can't resist a tea shop - I found 2 nice oolong tea varieties at this shop.

And finally Occasionally Cake - where we picked up a Fairy Floss cupcake.

 (our new camera seems to add strange colors to my face in low lighting so weird)

We didn't sample our cupcakes until we were back at our hotel. Don't bother with Lavedar Moon cupcakes - the cake part was more like a muffin, and the icing was just gross. (the pale cupcake in the plastic bubble)

The Occasionally Cake cupcake (in the cellophane bag) on the other hand - was DIVINE! Nice fluffy cake and super yummy sweet icing! Still not as good as House of Cupcakes in Princeton, NJ - but close!

You can also see some of the vintage postcards I bought at the Big Flea, and a set of favorite pens - Frixion - erasable gel pens! I recommend!!


Guin Lucard said...

Wow, it has been AGES since I got to wander around Old Town Alexandria! Now that summer is finally here, we might have to do that one weekend.

I'm not a fan of cupcakes because I don't eat icing. But I can pass along what I hear, right? The next time you're in the area, try Red Velvet. My husband swears they're the best. And of course, there's Warren Brown's CakeLove, right down the street from where I live in Shirlington. And of course, everyone knows about Georgetown Cupcake - but I will not hesitate to say that, after trying some, that they are vastly overrated and not worth the time you spend dealing with Georgetown traffic and waiting in line.

Lucretia said...

Cupcakes are fun, I just wish those specialty places weren't so expensive. :-(

I LOVE that outfit, you look fantastic!!! And I'm drooling over that SKIRT... WAAAANT...

Julie said...

The Fairy Floss cupcake looks delicious! And I love your pink skirt. Or is that a tutu? :)

Caitlin said...

I can never resist a teashop either!