I craft in Red & Black

Thinking about DIY sewing projects, I realized most of the stuff I've done has been in red & black.

I embelleshed his tee and made the t-shirt dress below- 

Another t-shirt mod - in red

And this skirt -

I also tend toward this color combo in paper crafts - greeting card I made last month-


Jade said...

Those outfits you've made are really good-looking, perfect for clubbing and summer days! :) I also like that card you've made, I must go and get myself some music sheets to make similars. ^^

Lucretia said...

Wow, I love the outfits!! I like the card, too, I might even actually be able to do stuff like THAT! :-)

Insomniac's Attic said...

Wow, I love that card! And the pattern behind it looks so familiar, but I can't place where I've seen it before... is it wallpaper?

Those first two pictures are awesome! :D

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

I so love your red & black craftiness! Your creativity makes every post you do so interesting - I could never get bored with your blog and your outfits.

1666 X 30 said...

you guys look like you have the best of times

linnea-maria said...

You two are the coolest couple ever!! I love the DIY skirt and trying hard to figure out how you made it. Was the fabric like that or did you make the holes yourself?
amazing outfits all of them :)

GothBarbie said...

@Jade - Thanks Miss! Everything made from t-shirts is super comfy and easy to wear! I highly recommend!

@Lucretia - You totally can! I'm a total sewing amateur and I manage! : )

@Insomniac - It IS wallpaper! Can't think of the company but you've probably used or perused them at some point. : )

@VictorianKitty - You are SO SWEET! I feel the same about your blog - love EVERY post - always exciting to see what you've come up with!

@1666 x 30 - We truly do. We have all the same interests and passions and everything we do together is fun!

@linnea-maria - Thank you! The fabric on the skirt came like that - bought it around Halloween time. Your comment really makes my day!

Uvita Viruella said...

Oh my! That skirt is amazing!!! Also, your red boots are a dream!
I love your creativity.

You guys are the cutest! ♥

Caitlin said...

All of your t-shirt mods are so cool!

GothBarbie said...

@Uvita - Thanks a million! I'll tell the Mr. that we're the cutest! : )

@Caitlin - Good thing, since it's about all I know how to sew beyond flat rectangles (curtains, pillow cases...)! Thanks!

Audronasha The Countess said...

I love how good and cute you look together :)