Beautiful day for a stroll in a cemetery

Here's me being cranky at our first stop of the day (back during our DC trip)
You can see my hair color and eyeshadow really well - so that's why I decided to post it. LOL.
We went to the Dulles Expo center in Chantilly, VA for "THE BIG FLEA" - an antique market. It was pretty cool. I perused vintage postcards for a couple hours!

After that, we stopped at Arlington National Cemetery.

It's a really beautiful place. I always enjoy the serenity and beauty of cemeteries.


Insomniac's Attic said...

Your hair looks magnificent in the sun!

Wow, those headstones all in perfect alignment ... that must have taken somebody a lot of time to figure out.

GothBarbie said...

@Insomniac - It is so pretty there, and quite a sight to see how perfectly everything is placed!

I'm glad to finally have a photo that really shows the color of my hair at the moment! : )