MetroMan and the Postal Museum!

DOWN DOWN DOWN into the bowels of the earth...

My husband, the civil engineer - LOVES the Metro system in D.C. (and Montreal and Boston and London). For him, I tolerate it.

And look at this - the BEST MUSEUM IN TOWN is right across the way from the Union Station!

I LOVE this place! It was our FIRST STOP on our D.C. trip!


The Professor said...

:D You two are SO adorable!!!

Bane said...

Ah, this makes me miss DC! I like where I live now, but I really miss being able to Metro and walk everywhere. And there are so many awesome museums, many of them free!

I'm guessing this was a recent trip? April and May are the best times to visit DC. :)

Lucretia said...

LOVE that picture of you in the semi cab!! ;-) And I want those boots!!!

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

You are just too cute! Every single photo - cute, cute, cute!! Never have the bowels of the earth looked so adorable!! ;) Seriously, you two look like you had a fabulous time. So fun to see posts like this!

Ray X said...

Your boots are really cute!
I love going to museums, it seems like you had a lot of fun =)

GothBarbie said...

@Professor - Thanks! I love photos of you and your guy too!

@Bane - We really enjoy DC too! Don't think I'd live there - so much traffic! But a super great town to visit! We were there in May and the weather was PERFECT!

@Lucretia - That is the only time I've ever been in any kind of "big truck" LOL. And the boots are HEX brand, not sure if they are around anymore. They are my favorite walking shoes!

@VictorianKitty - Thank you!! You're so generous and kind with your compliments!! I know you have a super happy marriage like we do - I wish that for EVERYONE!

@Ray X - We did have a fabulous time all over town. The boots are Hex boots!