Sis Gig - Fun Mail...

My sister is raising money for a Roller Derby tournament  (she's the one in blue and black)-
her team will travel to L.A. to battle teams from around the country in the BATTLE ON THE BANK  !!

Just so you know - seeing a team play on the banked track is 100xs cooler than any of the teams playing on a flat track.

Since she's not a loser - she's not just begging for money - she is offering her creative skills to earn some extra cash for the trip! Here's her fiverr account featuring two fun options -

You can pay her $5 to write out and mail a Star Wars postcard to a friend (or yourself) - written FROM a Star Wars character of your choice! What a nice surprise for your favorite Star Wars fan - snail mail is the coolest gift EVER! : )

Or for a mere $5 she'll write you a fun funny original short story about whatever you fancy!
I love her stories - she's very creative and hilarious, and I'm not just saying that b/c she's my sis!

Some stories she's written for my entertainment in the past have featured cast members of RuPauls Drag Race paired up with Real House Ho's to compete in Real Drag Wives Extravaganza!  Also we have a running story about a show called Outcasted Island where we strand our "favorite" people...together! That one is all inside jokes - so no one would enjoy it but me...

You could ask her to write a crazy version of how you met your husband, or somehow combine vampires and unicorns into one short story (that's what she did for a sample - it's a funny one!).

Anyway it's an entertaining way to spend $5 and send a derby girl to a tournament! THANKS!


Underground For Tea said...

This is flippin' awesome! I'm so doing this once payday hits!

GothBarbie said...

Thanks @Underground! My sister is totally hilarious and a great skater - I wish her tons of success in all her endeavors! I think you'll enjoy whatever you buy from her!

Underground For Tea said...

Done! Sent one to my dad :)) Does she takes requests for non Star-Wars postcards? I need to send many more!

GothBarbie said...

AWESOME @Underground! I think she can do other PCs for you - she needs to raise lots of money : )

Thanks so much for supporting her cause!