optical hobbit

Yes - I changed my hair! But I didn't get good photos of it yet - sorry.
I got this great sweater at JCP on clearance for $6 the other day and I love how it looks with this long sleeved striped top underneath! They seem destined to be together - don't they?

One night in Filthadelphia we passed this ad at a bus stop and I snapped a photo of my cute hobbit enthusiast! We really enjoyed the movie when we saw it in Dec - and we are eagerly awaiting the next 2 in the trilogy! hurry hurry!


Anonymous said...

Your hair is looking awesome and you totally styled that sweater in the best way! Love this outfit!

Uvita Viruella said...

Totally love your new hair!
I can't wait for the next Hobbit movies as well. :)

Hexotica said...

Cute outfit! Your hair color really looks great with a gray-white-black palette.

I just saw The Hobbit last night! It was very lavish and enjoyable, though my boyfriend hadn't read the book and got lost 20 minutes in... :P

Underground For Tea said...

Love your blog! At first I thought that wreath was apart of your hair. Your outfit is rad, my friends are always pissing all over JCP, but they always compliment the stuff I wear from there :) On a related note, I recently went into a DOTS store (something I swore I'd never do) and was able to re-purchase most of my 90s high-school wardrobe.