OMG - this should be her JOB!

So my awesome derby / writer sis just posted a new fiverr gig - writing scathingly funny evil quiz's - kind of like a quiz  you'd find in seventeen magazine - but FUNNY AS HELL and a bit evil.

choose from the following:

Are you friends with a ROTTEN WHORE?


Is your friend a PSYCHO ASSHOLE?

Is your date a PSYCHO?

Is your job turning you into a MINDLESS ROBOT?

She is even offering the option of her mailing a copy of the quiz to you or the person of your choice - you could anonymously mail one to your rotten whore of a friend who keeps ditching you for any man that comes her way...not that she'd ever get the hint.

Answer these burning questions - or tell her what your topic of choice is and get a CUSTOM 10 question quiz! : )

This is a perfect way to help support her derby endeavors!  :  ) (I let her borrow my makeup and clothes - so I'm already a gold star supporter!)

Meanwhile my camera has been broken, and every time we go to buy a new one we read reviews and get discouraged. New pictures soon though - I PROMISE!

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