3 Vintage Gowns

This months theme is VINTAGE - thanks to Miss Kitty of Sophisticate Noir I had a great reason to dig through my closet and feature some of my favorite vintage dresses!

I had some luck some years ago at a local thrift shop - someone my size loved full length gowns!
I'd guess these three dresses are from the 1960's - maybe the 50's.

The gown I'm wearing is fully beaded - a bit heavy!

This gown begs to be worn with a tiara! Who am I to deny it?

And now for my best accessory -


Leah B. said...

heehee, your best accessory got his Astaire on a little bit in that last pose. I'd really like to see a pic of the dress on the right as well! And you were absolutely right about the tiara.

linnea-maria said...

That dress you are wearing is amazing! Dresses were in a much better quality and I think the fabrics were more interesting then.

Insomniac's Attic said...

What beautiful gowns and the tiara is perfect with your hair colour!! Love the black gown with the burgundy sash A LOT! :D

Industrial Ken looks like he was a bit more into the photoshoot today? ;o)

Hey, I just noticed your door wreath - which is also awesome!

Hexotica said...

You are looking fabulous!! I love your new hair color and fringe! And the dresses are beautiful; the one you are wearing really suits you.

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks so cute with the tiara and the gown is fabulous!

GothBarbie said...

Thank you friends! Isn't it great when Industrial Ken is in the mood to strike a pose!?
I'm loving my new hair - though this teal seems to fade much more quickly than the purple I had in before - lots of upkeep!