Awesome art and awesome books !

I just bought this custom artwork from bandeau on fiverr
for a mere $15. You can get a chibi for $5 - add color for another $5 and add another person for $5 more.

Hopefully Industrial Ken doesn't check out my blog before I make a card w/ the image for him. : )

Not only is this fantastic artist a fantastic artist - she also writes fantastic novels!
I've read the first two in her trilogy Corporeal Daughters (which are now available as a complete e-book set for $8 !) and LOVED THEM! 

This series is a different unique twist on a vampire novel. I really enjoyed her fresh ideas about the magics and powers of vampires and other superhumans. There is also a good love story in there but not a silly bodice ripper romance or anything lame like that. I am not great at reviewing things but I wanted to share something I like with those of you who might like it too!

The first e-book is a mere $3 on Amazon if you want something Urban Fantasy to read that I highly recommend! Corporeal Daughters - Family Ties



Julie said...

You two are adorable in illustrated form! I might have to get my own portrait done... ;)

Anonymous said...

This makes me wish that you were also an animated series. Totally Adorbs.