Vintage postage on incoming mail

Anyone who knows me knows my obsession with letters and snail mail. I enjoy blogs like Penpal of the Week and Letter Writers Alliance and I'm a happy member of Swap-bot.com.

Lately I've received some wonderful mail art with cool vintage postage-

which is my latest OBSESSION! I've been looking up local coin & stamp shops and info on upcoming Stamp Expos- too bad the soonest one I can make it to is in March! 

Who else out there is a snail mail enthusiast?


Insomniac's Attic said...

Well, I enjoy getting snail mail, but have to admit I'm very bad at replying in a timely manner! Did you just join The Inkwell Group, BTW? :)

Rhiannon said...

Hey Sara! Has my letter arrived yet? Sorry to me annoying and checking-up, but it was heavier than the other ones I sent at the time so I hope I got the right postage for it!
(I'm always creepin' on this blog, by the way - I love your outfits TOO MUCH!)

Anonymous said...

You know I love some snail mail!