Thrifted Betsey Johnson Skull dress

This dress was an awesome find at the Buffalo Exchange in Austin, TX. It's been a favorite ever since!
If you have a Buffalo Exchange shop anywhere near you I cannot recommend it enough - I ALWAYS score at least one awesome dress (maybe I have to try on 20 to FIND that ONE - but it's worth it).

And sometimes the husband doesn't feel like modeling - if I post these, maybe he'll cooperate better next time!


Meagan Kyla said...

That dress is awesome! I love, love, LOVE Buffalo Exchanges! We don't have one in Buffalo, when we travel I always get excited when I spot one!

And LOL @ your husband!!!

Piper Alexander said...

I love that dress. Great find! I like that you paired it with another black and white print.

Insomniac's Attic said...

I'm guessing he'll cooperate better next time, too! LOL

Hexotica said...

That's it. I am going to go to Austin on my next U.S. visit and I am going to go to Buffalo Exchange!!

GothBarbie said...

Yay everyone! Meet me at the Philadelphia Buffalo Exchange and we'll shop the house down!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures of C so made me smile.