Luscious Hexotica red wrist ruffle

This post is long overdue. This Hexotica bracelet has deserved it's own post since the moment I got it!

My poor photography skills don't do it justice, but trust me it's gorgeous!

Her shop is filled with gothic burlesque inspired adornments galore - go check it out!

And look how well it matches my living room.

He likes it too!


Kelsey Elisabeth Benedict said...

I love those tights! What brand are they?

Also, her cuff is indeed gorgerous. I'm trying to learn how to make things like that myself.

Insomniac's Attic said...

You look radiant ... :o)

GothBarbie said...

Thanks @Insomniac! I felt pretty good in that outfit!

@Kelsey I got the tights at TJ Maxx and I don't recall the brand - sorry! Hope you figure out how to make lovely lacy ruffled goodies for yourself - sounds fun!

Anonymous said...

The cuff is great!! And perfect for you. And your living room too apparently - lol.

I love C's jacket and pins. So cool looking. Have always loved that look. I collect pins. Though mine I keep on a bulletin board these days.


GothBarbie said...

Yay for your pin collection Ali! i should find a display spot in the living room for the cuff when I'm not wearing it - it should live there always!

Hexotica said...

Thank-you! I love the dress you are wearing--perfect style for my bracelet! :D