Have you seen my new purse!?!?

I am IN LOVE with my new purse - a Betsey Johnson found at Marshalls - love at first sight!

The outfit under the jacket. I like to have lots of striped long sleeve shirts to layer under dresses during the cold months. And it looks like my New Rocks are my favorite boot of the season - it's really no wonder - look at them! And they are endlessly comfortable too! Now - do I get a white pair next? Or a purple pair??


Anonymous said...

That purse is fantastic!

I vote for purple next. I feel like white would get scuffed so easily.


Anonymous said...

Did you make that hat too by the way?


GothBarbie said...

Thanks for your vote RubyAli! I'd be over the moon happy with either pair! and yes - i did make the hat! Thanks for noticing!

Hexotica said...

I am in love with your new purse too! I wish we had Marshalls/TJ maxx here too! :(