Dressed to impress the Sadistic Sweethearts (PJRD)

I have these crazy neon pink leopard print capris and the Sadistic Sweethearts Derby bout was the perfect event to rock them to!

Yes Industrial Ken loves UFOs - aliens and the X-files! I'm pretty keen on the show Ancient Aliens myself.

I try to make it to all of my sister's roller derby games - and my husband is wonderful and always comes along too!

I also happen to have the perfect neon pink neckwarmer to wear with the capris-

And here is #24 - ANGRY TOPAZ ready for action! She skated a really good game and her team the Sadistic Sweethearts prevailed over the Love City Bettie Ragers!

If you're anywhere near Philadelphia I HIGHLY recommend checking out a game at the newly opened Derby Ink Gardens - they have a banked track which is 10xs the action and speed that you would get watching derby on a flat track. It was the best derby event I've been to around here, with a pretty good DJ an indoor food truck, a good view of the game from any side of the track and even halftime performers. It's not even that hard to find free parking in that part of the city. 


VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

You always have such a way with color. Hot pink and black is my favorite combo, and your hair color sets it all off perfectly.

Congrats to your sister on her team's win! She looks like she was ready to kick some serious butt. ;)

Anonymous said...

Love looks so good on you. The pictures with you and Industrial Ken together express so much. (did your sister take them?)

Topaz is fierce!

When you wear pink and black together, you are truly the Goth Barbie :-)

Awesome neckwarmer!


The Professor said...

Aw, I love the snuggle picture of you and your darling! :) You two are SOOO cute! And huzzah for a roller derby knock down, win! WAHOO!

The HouseCat said...

Woohoo for roller derby!