Casual dress for Craft Day!

We had some friends over for a Craft Day - I even had to clean up the craft room!

We did some stamp carving and card making with Charles' friend Frank and  Frank's awesome daughter Lola (age 12). I'm always happy to have crafting partners!

Showing off the curtains I made for the craft room and how well they go with a Catrina we picked up in New Mexico. We love Day of the Dead and Mexican Folk Art!

We had a really nice time and I hope we can have another Craft Day soon!


Insomniac's Attic said...

You have Craft Days too? That's awesome! I have four friends that come over once or twice a year to do the same thing. Last year we tried to make slipper boots. They were so bad that everyone almost had an accident from laughing so hard! Good times ... :D

Insomniac's Attic said...

P.S. Forgot to mention how much I LOVE your Catrina and DOTD curtains! :o)

Anonymous said...

First of all, the last picture of the two of you is awesome. Love love love that picture.

I also love anchors. What specifically is Industrial Ken's t-shirt? I would like to get an anchor tattoo....

Your craft room is very cool. Our 2nd bedroom is basically a library of books, DVDs and CDs.

That vest is so cute with your outfit.

Glad your had a fun day! Sounds awesome!


GothBarbie said...

@the Insomniac - It's awesome that you have crafty friends to visit with! I keep trying to line mine up but it isn't often that my Craft Days actually happen!

@RubyAli Thank you for the love! The shirt Ken has on is some nonsense from H&M; nothing official. I hope you get your anchor tatoo and send me a picture!

Hexotica said...

Wow, you have a craft room too? That's awesome. It looks so cute!