Big sugar skull sweater - and matching skirt

It's not often that I buy an "outfit" at one time - but how could I resist this sweater OR this skirt?
I especially LOVE the high-low hemline on the sheer skirt! Hooray for H&M!

I also like to use reusable bags instead of paper gift bags so the recipient has another gift with their gifts!
I'm a reusable bag collector. The two I'm holding up came from Marshalls/ Homegoods.

My Mom gave me this sweet little cupcake pedestal and we put it to use right away! We LOVE the cupcake shop in Princeton- House of Cupcakes - but it's a bit far to drive. So we usually buy a dozen and freeze them. This is the perfect place to thaw a cupcake! And we only need to thaw one at a time b/c Industrial Ken and I always split our cupcakes!


Insomniac's Attic said...

That is an adorable outfit! I love the hi-lo look.

I wish my husband would split treats with me so I didn't have to eat the whole thing myself. LOL

Anonymous said...

The cupcake pedestal is so cute. What a perfect way to store a treat while waiting to share it.
Nice Christmas tree!
And you would be silly to resist that sweater.

GothBarbie said...

Thanks ladies!

Hexotica said...

There's another shop I miss--H&M!
Great baroque skull design on that tee.
Cute--a cupcake thawing stand. Gotta love sinful rituals like that!!