Betsey blazer and pastel dress

I LOVE this Betsey Johnson blazer more than any other blazer EVER! It's like a blazer a PRINCESS would wear to the office! And it goes well with the pastel pink Betsey dress from last year. (When is her reality show going to premier? I can't WAIT!)

I found the perfect pink and white patterned sheer stockings for this dress in my stash- tried them on for the first time and found that they were made for someone 4 ft tall. So I quickly cut the toe out of each leg and made them into capris, since they're covered by socks and boots anyway it was an easy fix!

I really like when other blogger do close ups of jewelry and accessories, so I'm going to try to do that a little more in the future. Here you have a beaded choker and fancy black rhinestone earrings.

The best accessory of all - is my well dressed man of course!

And this is what he looks like half the time...don't they all?


Meagan Kyla said...

Oh! I love the blazer too.
You look so cute!!!
I like close-up's too, I have told myself I need to do that as well. ;)

Insomniac's Attic said...

Lovely outfit and the jacket is very princess-like! That was very clever to cut the bottoms out of the stockings - I must remember that!

I don't much care for reality TV, but I'd watch a Betsey Johnson reality show, for sure! :D

Anonymous said...

Cutie pie! As always.

/Jenny from Sweden.