fun mail!

Love the stamps on this package from the Netherlands:

My awesome penpal Viv does the cutest drawings! I'm hoping she sells some of her illustrations in an etsy shop soon!


Betsey blazer and pastel dress

I LOVE this Betsey Johnson blazer more than any other blazer EVER! It's like a blazer a PRINCESS would wear to the office! And it goes well with the pastel pink Betsey dress from last year. (When is her reality show going to premier? I can't WAIT!)

I found the perfect pink and white patterned sheer stockings for this dress in my stash- tried them on for the first time and found that they were made for someone 4 ft tall. So I quickly cut the toe out of each leg and made them into capris, since they're covered by socks and boots anyway it was an easy fix!

I really like when other blogger do close ups of jewelry and accessories, so I'm going to try to do that a little more in the future. Here you have a beaded choker and fancy black rhinestone earrings.

The best accessory of all - is my well dressed man of course!

And this is what he looks like half the time...don't they all?


Dressed to impress the Sadistic Sweethearts (PJRD)

I have these crazy neon pink leopard print capris and the Sadistic Sweethearts Derby bout was the perfect event to rock them to!

Yes Industrial Ken loves UFOs - aliens and the X-files! I'm pretty keen on the show Ancient Aliens myself.

I try to make it to all of my sister's roller derby games - and my husband is wonderful and always comes along too!

I also happen to have the perfect neon pink neckwarmer to wear with the capris-

And here is #24 - ANGRY TOPAZ ready for action! She skated a really good game and her team the Sadistic Sweethearts prevailed over the Love City Bettie Ragers!

If you're anywhere near Philadelphia I HIGHLY recommend checking out a game at the newly opened Derby Ink Gardens - they have a banked track which is 10xs the action and speed that you would get watching derby on a flat track. It was the best derby event I've been to around here, with a pretty good DJ an indoor food truck, a good view of the game from any side of the track and even halftime performers. It's not even that hard to find free parking in that part of the city. 


Vintage postage on incoming mail

Anyone who knows me knows my obsession with letters and snail mail. I enjoy blogs like Penpal of the Week and Letter Writers Alliance and I'm a happy member of Swap-bot.com.

Lately I've received some wonderful mail art with cool vintage postage-

which is my latest OBSESSION! I've been looking up local coin & stamp shops and info on upcoming Stamp Expos- too bad the soonest one I can make it to is in March! 

Who else out there is a snail mail enthusiast?


Thrifted Betsey Johnson Skull dress

This dress was an awesome find at the Buffalo Exchange in Austin, TX. It's been a favorite ever since!
If you have a Buffalo Exchange shop anywhere near you I cannot recommend it enough - I ALWAYS score at least one awesome dress (maybe I have to try on 20 to FIND that ONE - but it's worth it).

And sometimes the husband doesn't feel like modeling - if I post these, maybe he'll cooperate better next time!


Have you seen my new purse!?!?

I am IN LOVE with my new purse - a Betsey Johnson found at Marshalls - love at first sight!

The outfit under the jacket. I like to have lots of striped long sleeve shirts to layer under dresses during the cold months. And it looks like my New Rocks are my favorite boot of the season - it's really no wonder - look at them! And they are endlessly comfortable too! Now - do I get a white pair next? Or a purple pair??


Casual dress for Craft Day!

We had some friends over for a Craft Day - I even had to clean up the craft room!

We did some stamp carving and card making with Charles' friend Frank and  Frank's awesome daughter Lola (age 12). I'm always happy to have crafting partners!

Showing off the curtains I made for the craft room and how well they go with a Catrina we picked up in New Mexico. We love Day of the Dead and Mexican Folk Art!

We had a really nice time and I hope we can have another Craft Day soon!


Dressed down velvet dress-

Sometimes I get dressed and Industrial Ken exclaims "I can't wear THIS if you're going to wear THAT!"
Usually that happens if he thinks I'm looking fancy and he's looking casual. So to remedy that I added a zip up with a more casual feel over this velvet dress. And we all know big black boots can be fancy or dressed down. Long live the big black boots!


Having a good hair day -

but you wouldn't know it by these photos - oh well - I tried to capture the hair and makeup of the day.

weird self-photo trying to show more of the great color eye-shadow-


Big sugar skull sweater - and matching skirt

It's not often that I buy an "outfit" at one time - but how could I resist this sweater OR this skirt?
I especially LOVE the high-low hemline on the sheer skirt! Hooray for H&M!

I also like to use reusable bags instead of paper gift bags so the recipient has another gift with their gifts!
I'm a reusable bag collector. The two I'm holding up came from Marshalls/ Homegoods.

My Mom gave me this sweet little cupcake pedestal and we put it to use right away! We LOVE the cupcake shop in Princeton- House of Cupcakes - but it's a bit far to drive. So we usually buy a dozen and freeze them. This is the perfect place to thaw a cupcake! And we only need to thaw one at a time b/c Industrial Ken and I always split our cupcakes!


I gave him a tie - he gave me roses!

We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary in December and look how swanky Industrial Ken looked in his new Cyberoptix tie!

Look at the lovely roses he surprised me with! Almost the color of my wedding bouquet!


Luscious Hexotica red wrist ruffle

This post is long overdue. This Hexotica bracelet has deserved it's own post since the moment I got it!

My poor photography skills don't do it justice, but trust me it's gorgeous!

Her shop is filled with gothic burlesque inspired adornments galore - go check it out!

And look how well it matches my living room.

He likes it too!