His new plaid pants!

Took a little trip out to New Hope, PA - mainly to eat at one of my favorite restaurants - El Taco Loco.


Some really ancient tops- and a DIY skirt

Both of the tops in this outfit are at least 10 years old - and I have no idea when the last time I wore either of them was. But this is the first time I've worn them together and I'm quite pleased with the effect.


There was nice weather back in November

I got this dress at a thrift store but it was strapless - I don't really enjoy wearing most strapless dresses so I added black ribbon ties to both sides and wore a mesh top underneath. Love the improvement!

The handsom husband came up with this tie/ shirt combo and I really enjoy the look.
He has STYLE!



Texas mailbox

And a quick one for my fellow snail mail fans-

Also - it seems I just spent the day going through all the photos I haven't been posting, and now you'll get a post a day for the next week or so - if you're interested. Not caught up yet, but getting there.

Final adventure in San Antonio, TX - Missions!

Our last day of our Texas trip was a bit rainy and chilly but we put on our hats - had a warm brunch and headed out to see the other 4 famous missions of San Antonio (remember we already visited the Alamo). My brunch was an AMAZING stuffed pancake at Magnolia Pancake Haus - SO GOOD! It's actually called
I would LOVE to eat there again their entire menu looks scrumptious!
After fueling up we drove out to the San Jose mission - it was epic!

we also visited Mission Conception-

we stopped at San Juan Capistrano - but it was under construction so we didn't take any photos there.

Our final stop was Espada.

I highly recommend touring around all the missions in San Antonio if you ever get the chance they are beautiful and inspiring - and great places to take lots of photos!


All around town- San Antonio

This was a really long day of walking and seeing and walking and walking...
We began at the Japanese Tea Garden
That still had the sign up from when it was the Chinese Tea Garden

It was gorgeous-


If we were going to have a wedding in San Antonio - we'd have it here.
I even learned something new about my husband, he had a koi pond 3 houses ago!

Had to have some tea at the Tea Garden - Oolong!

Next stop - the most awesome Folk Art Gallery ever - San Angel!
We LOVED everything in that store - but only bought one item - if I win the lottery I'm going back to buy out the store!

The helpful Gemini owner of San Angel pointed us to Liberty Bar for our afternoon repast.
The food was as great as the building it was served in! I could live in this building!

I adore cacti - especially big wild plants like this one -

We explored the King William historic district and then browsed around the galleries of La Villita.

I WANT THIS CHAIR! But I can't afford it yet.
And I don't have anywhere to put it...but if I ever get a porch or a great patio I know the chair I want to put there!! Probably in PINK!
 And we had to visit the ALAMO.

At the end of this day we were WIPED OUT! We really take exhausting vacations!