When they say OFF SEASON - they mean it!

Charles escorted me to Seaside Heights boardwalk this Saturday, since I've never really been to "the shore" before this month. He has fond memories of the arcades and boardwalk games that he played visiting Seaside with his family as a child.

Well it's off season now, and it was a ghost town! 80% of the storefronts were shuttered up and closed. I couldn't even get any awful fried things - the signs advertised fried TWIX, SNICKERS, OREOS, TWINKIES! and I was denied!

At least the weather was nice and the moon was full, so we enjoyed a creepy stroll through ghost boardwalk town. [extra creepy was the amusement park area - dark and abandoned it reminded me of too many killer clown movies!]

Hello Kitty Leggings and Harajuku Lovers Wedge Heels

Red, White and Blue are not usually colors I wear together - BUT these Hello Kitty leggings could not be left behind! I also got the dress in the same print and a third HK item, another dress in a different print. I was a happy shopper!
I wore this to work the very next day.


The Spiritual Bat - at Bathaus!

Philadelphia has a new venue for Goth and Industrial club nights!
DJ ANOREXOTICA runs all different nights during the month and the Death Rock/ Gothic night had live music last week - THE SPIRITUAL BAT - all the way from ITALY!
They were fantastic! And the DJs were great!
Here's what we wore-


Fabulous Goth Greeting card Etsy Shop!

Someone on the swap-bot forum pointed out this gorgeous shop full of Elegant Goth Greeting Cards. 
I had to share!


I love every item in this shop! I wish I was this talented at cardmaking!


the short and the long of it

Got my  hair cut - it really throws me back to the 90's!
As usual, I didn't get great hair photos - lighting is crucial and I just fail at lighting!
But here's an idea of what the cut looks like.



We finally went out the other night to see a show and dance a bit - it was fabulous fun!
I threw this outfit together and had lots of fun with it! I felt a little bit circus inspired!
I got to dance in my new NEW ROCK Mary Janes!

Found this iphone photo that Charles took at the event, here you can see my fun necklace that happened to be flipped the wrong way in all the photos above!
stupid flipping pendants!