when i let my hair down

Super comfy cotton dress - feels like walking the world in a nightgown!
The sequin Steve Madden wedge sandals save me from utter casualness!


pin curl head.

Sometimes I go out with my hair pinned up in pincurls for later.
Oddly, I often get complimented when I'm walking around like this - which to me is the same as wearing rollers. ha ha.


repeat! PANZER AG!

I LOVE this new t-shirt and since this skirt is just the right shade - i repeat myself




The QUEEN OF ALL QUEENS - was SO SWEET! After a flawlessly fierce stage appearance she stayed for a meet and greet! It was already 3am and she signed herself up for another hour or two of work!

Here's where i get VAIN...her "helper" that took the photo for us took THE WORST PICTURE OF ME IN EXISTENCE. IF i didn't have other photographic proof from the same night to show myself I didn't turn into a fat beast I might have done something drastic- like DIET!
Heaven FORBID!

first - this is how i SHOULD have looked meeting my Spooky IDOL.

Sadly - this is what i ended up looking like in that GOD AWFUL PHOTO . SHaron, however, looks PERFECT! GORGEOUS DOLL!

You may be wondering why  my sister is sporting a gas mask - well that DISGUSTING club somehow skirts the NON-SMOKING laws and is a smokey pit of DOOM. My asthma was not happy. We had the misfortune to attend one other show there in the past, so we knew what we were in for and we came prepared. Notice I have a dress that is easily machine washable. CLUB VOYEUR PHILADELPHIA IS DISGUSTING. But it was worth it to see Sharon and all the other drag queens put on such a Horror-ific Glam-tacular Spooky Extravaganza!

Even Philly Air seems fresh after that place! (though this photo was taken before entering the smoke pit of doom)

And just to prove that i am not the mutant pictured in the photo with Sharon - Me and my lovely sis! (one of the rare times she allowed me to do her makeup!!!)
{with added airbrushing effects just to make myself feel better}


he made up the goth portion of our outfit...

Not a stitch of black on me.

Good thing my main accessory was suitably dark and brooding!


farewell fondue

For our last day in Montreal - we ate at our very favorite restaurant - Chez Suzette. Not only do they have delicious crepes - they also have FONDUE! YUM!


we saw Klangstabil!

Bored with the hotel room and bad lighting yet? Still a few more to come...


Cherry Red Vinyl Platform Boots!

 (I thought I'd scheduled this post to go up during VictorianKitty's Red & BLack theme week - oops!)
These boots were MADE for the Red & Black theme. And I love to dance in them - so they were great shoes to bring along to Kinetik this year.