jacket or mini jacket?

So I really wanted to wear this dress, that is cut for warm weather, but made of velvet lending itself to cold weather. Anyway I had trouble choosing a jacket to wear with it.

First I tried this mini jacket, but it kind of clashed with the leggings.
 So what the heck am I going to wear with this dress?
 Then I found this blazer in the back of my closet, and procedded to sew up a rip that had been preventing me from wearing it for quite some time.

I actually ended up wearing an entirely different layer - a sweater, but I didn't get a chance to take photos of it - sorry!


Writhe and Shine = really great goth comic

I really enjoy this comic that takes place in the goth scene in New Orleans. This is my favorite strip that I've read so far-

WRITHE & SHINE #28http://writheandshine.com/?p=162

(I don't know how to make the thing fit here - so just click over to his site!)

I sent this link to a DJ friend of ours and he LOVED IT!


more oldies! 2006 LOVE

Ok I'm having so much fun looking back at these old photos - I just HAVE to share!

It does make me miss the Mr.s glasses...darn Lasik sugery.

He doesn't miss the glasses at all.


a favorite dress - H&M 7 years ago

Come to think of it - I wore this dress on my first official date with Industrial Ken 6.5 years ago!
We ate at my favorite tex-mex restaurant - El Taco Loco in New Hope, PA.

Funny side note, when describing himself to me that night, he threw me for a loop by saying "and I'm very patriotic"  - I think I laughed...what the heck was he getting at?
I still tease him about that.

And here is the flag waving American now...


Very pointy patent leather boots to the knee

I added a bracelet to the ankle of one boot - I love this black rhinestone bracelet but it's too big! So glad I found a way to wear it!


Stripes and a Giant Scarf

I made this shawl from a pattern, but it seems to work better when worn as a giant scarf.
What do you think?

Here we have the silly husband posing with some Hickory Farms snackage...he looks so serious!


Goth engagement/ wedding rings

When Blogger VictorianKitty of Sophistique Noir chose RINGS as this months theme my mind went RIGHT to my engagement/wedding rings!

This is what we looked like on the day we got engaged Feb 11 2006 - and that very day we found the PERFECT wedding bands at an indoor Renaissance Faire - Wicked Winter Faire.

WE never take them off!

and here is an outfit shot of me that day - in Charles' bachelor pad.
Those Demonia boots are long gone. Boo Hoo - I loved those things - but they fell apart.