Fredericksburg, TX - Der Auslander YUM!

Our Texas trip was split between Austin and San Antonio and we decided to take a side trip to Fredericksburg when driving from Austin to San Antonio.

Fredericksburg was a cool little tourist area with plenty of shops along the main street.

There was a really cool cooking/ baking store in this historic hospital building - they also served coffee and tea! I don't have a photo but I got a super peanut butter cookie at one of the bakeries in town.
But the best stop of the side trip was our lunch at Auslander - we both got sandwiches and they were super delicious! From the rolls to the meat and cheese to the condiments and sides everything was excellent! We would have dined there repeatedly if it was located in either town we stayed in.


Anonymous said...

What a great picture of Industrial Ken! He has the best smile.

And you are so beautiful! Your make-up looks particularly good here.


GothBarbie said...

Lovely Ali - thank you and thank you again! My sweetie smiles a lot and I agree - it's the best smile I've ever seen! <3