First stop in San Antonio - El Mercado/ Market Square

The beautiful hot weather continued and we walked from our hotel to El Mercado and Market Square to check out the Mexican imports and folk art!


We were very impressed by the sheer amount of shops and goods! Glorious shopping!

by the way - these Quinn Harajuku Lovers sandals were perfect for walking miles and miles in - when I came home, I bought them in two more colors! Hello vacation shoes!
For lunch we stopped at Mi Tierra which had really fun decor and SOPAPILLAS! I love sopapillas!

They had a pretty impressive looking bakery - but I fear I chose the wrong item - a cinnamon cookie that had very little flavor. Should have got the ginger PIG! - it was really cute!


Piper Alexander said...

Oooh, grl, I love your shoes! I think I had them on my wish list, but in yellow.

Anonymous said...

The shoes are amazing. It must have been so hard not to go crazy shopping!

GothBarbie said...

@Piper and Ruby - you both need to choose a color and grab a pair now! Totally comfy for fashionable shoes!