Final adventure in San Antonio, TX - Missions!

Our last day of our Texas trip was a bit rainy and chilly but we put on our hats - had a warm brunch and headed out to see the other 4 famous missions of San Antonio (remember we already visited the Alamo). My brunch was an AMAZING stuffed pancake at Magnolia Pancake Haus - SO GOOD! It's actually called
I would LOVE to eat there again their entire menu looks scrumptious!
After fueling up we drove out to the San Jose mission - it was epic!

we also visited Mission Conception-

we stopped at San Juan Capistrano - but it was under construction so we didn't take any photos there.

Our final stop was Espada.

I highly recommend touring around all the missions in San Antonio if you ever get the chance they are beautiful and inspiring - and great places to take lots of photos!


lefroggy said...

thats pretty cool, i never heard of another San Juan Capistrano.. :D I was raised in California in the city of 'San Juan Capistrano' every year we go to the Swallows day parade, and I still visit the mission, and it's also under construction :)

Hexotica said...

I've never been to San Antonio. I've heard it's beautiful. You look amazing. Every time I start dressing less goth, I get onto blogs and get so inspired by how good it looks!

GothBarbie said...

@lefroggy - you'd love these crumbly epic buildings - take a trip to TX!

@Hexotica - That happens to me too! CoffinKitch and VictorianKitty are constant sources of GothEnvy for me!