All around town- San Antonio

This was a really long day of walking and seeing and walking and walking...
We began at the Japanese Tea Garden
That still had the sign up from when it was the Chinese Tea Garden

It was gorgeous-


If we were going to have a wedding in San Antonio - we'd have it here.
I even learned something new about my husband, he had a koi pond 3 houses ago!

Had to have some tea at the Tea Garden - Oolong!

Next stop - the most awesome Folk Art Gallery ever - San Angel!
We LOVED everything in that store - but only bought one item - if I win the lottery I'm going back to buy out the store!

The helpful Gemini owner of San Angel pointed us to Liberty Bar for our afternoon repast.
The food was as great as the building it was served in! I could live in this building!

I adore cacti - especially big wild plants like this one -

We explored the King William historic district and then browsed around the galleries of La Villita.

I WANT THIS CHAIR! But I can't afford it yet.
And I don't have anywhere to put it...but if I ever get a porch or a great patio I know the chair I want to put there!! Probably in PINK!
 And we had to visit the ALAMO.

At the end of this day we were WIPED OUT! We really take exhausting vacations!


Insomniac's Attic said...

The Japanese/Chinese tea garden looks beautiful!

GothBarbie said...

It was STUNNING and serene!

Lime Tree said...

Hi GothBarbie, thanks for adding my button to your blog :)
I LOVE your hair and that blue chair. Great fun walk around!

Anonymous said...

I love the tea garden, and your skirt! What a great trip you had. So happy for you!

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

I've SO been enjoying all of your vacation posts! This one has some of the most gorgeous scenery, well, just about anywhere! Ooh, I would LOVE to do an on-location shoot for my blog on that stone staircase.

You guys ALWAYS look like you are having such fun together. I love seeing happy couples doing happy things!!

GothBarbie said...

Thanks @Limetree and RubyAli! I'd love to visit again someday.

and YAY @VictorianKitty - your blog gives me so much JOY - I am happy to return the favor! YOU would look AMAZING posing in the tea garden!