anyone want to help me pack?

I DREAD packing - of all things (i hate it even MORE than CLEANING! I know it's a shock)

I actually plan on packing in installments over the month leading up to my trip - but more often than not - I end up spending 8 hours packing at the very last minute. I've even stayed up ALL NIGHT before a flight packing.

I love going on vacation - I just hate leaving all my STUFF behind! I need a magical valise like Mary Poppins to store EVERYTHING in! Wouldn't that be GRAND?

Anyway - it's time to start packing and I wondered if anyone had a favorite outfit or two they remember from this blog that they'd vote for me to bring on my trip. That might help me narrow it down...

fun fact - I do at least one outfit change a day on vacation and this has nothing to do with swim suits or beaches - we don't do those kinds of vacations.

If all goes well I'll have some badly lit outfit photos in our ugly hotel room for you when we return! : )

Thanks for your help!


VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

Packing is so tough for a girly girl with a distinct sense of fashion! How do you choose a finite quantity of pretties to stuff in a bag and survive for a week?? And you never know exactly what you'll be in the mood for from day to day, or what the weather will be... That's one of many reasons why I'm not fond of travel (but not as huge a reason as leaving my kitties behind!!).

Your readers are sure looking forward to your trip, so we can see fun vacation posts/outfits! Bad hotel photos are the best. They really give that "on location" feel. ;-D

Insomniac's Attic said...

I never pack more than a few outfits when we travel - mostly because I need lots of room for the new boots I will inevitably buy! I lugged around two new winter coats in my suitcase for three weeks once, which I regretted every time I had to hoist the suitcase up and down the train steps, but was very thankful I'd purchased once we got home and I unpacked!

You've probably already said this before and I've forgotten, but where are you going? :o)

Traicetrak said...

Whatever you take will look fabulous. It's predetermined. LOL I absolutely loved "remiss", "leopard or cheetah?", "bedecked" (you really need to post a tutorial on your mod of that shirt. I love it so much!), and I loved you both in "goulish green." Oh, and it's old, but the skull button down outfit. There. Those are my faves. You can send them to me when your done. (along with the pink Betsey Johnson, of course) ;^P

GothBarbie said...

Thanks for the encouragement and kind words friends! And @Tracietrak - I'm totally bringing the outfit from my [Remiss](http://glamcrab.blogspot.com/2012/07/remiss.html) post!

ananda.tashie said...

Are you still on vacation? I know it was this month, but unsure of the actual dates. Thinking of you with the storm headed to your part of the world. xo, Tasha