The long pink lace skirt again-

I have a blazer that totally matched the skirt. Also, I think I know how to make this skirt even better- I'm thinking of adding black trim along each of the seams all the way around. Now to find the trim and the time!


The Hello Kitty dress!

Alice in Wonderland bag, zebra + roses leggings and Hello Kitty dress - pile it on!

I should get a detail shot of this shirt - it has a very small floral print with tiny scissors mixed it - I love it!


we got our hands dirty

at ceramics class! Here are two completed projects- one from each of us - see if you can guess who made what.

above - will hang on the wall
below - will hold a plant

I made the planter - it happend naturally because throwing vessels on the wheel isn't very easy for me, and my planter got wobbly and caved in on one side. Instead of throwing it away - I decided to make a monster out of it. Who needs perfection?


anyone want to help me pack?

I DREAD packing - of all things (i hate it even MORE than CLEANING! I know it's a shock)

I actually plan on packing in installments over the month leading up to my trip - but more often than not - I end up spending 8 hours packing at the very last minute. I've even stayed up ALL NIGHT before a flight packing.

I love going on vacation - I just hate leaving all my STUFF behind! I need a magical valise like Mary Poppins to store EVERYTHING in! Wouldn't that be GRAND?

Anyway - it's time to start packing and I wondered if anyone had a favorite outfit or two they remember from this blog that they'd vote for me to bring on my trip. That might help me narrow it down...

fun fact - I do at least one outfit change a day on vacation and this has nothing to do with swim suits or beaches - we don't do those kinds of vacations.

If all goes well I'll have some badly lit outfit photos in our ugly hotel room for you when we return! : )

Thanks for your help!


More Shore

We went to the Ocean City (NJ) shore earlier in September on a perfectly lovely day.
Got some great saltwater taffy! (did not go in the water)


Time to bring out the hats!

The newest addition to my hat collection - a little grey military inpired cap - with a BOW!


elbow hooping

One of my favorite hobbies - Hooping! I need to find a new instructor/ class so I can learn more tricks!!!