When they say OFF SEASON - they mean it!

Charles escorted me to Seaside Heights boardwalk this Saturday, since I've never really been to "the shore" before this month. He has fond memories of the arcades and boardwalk games that he played visiting Seaside with his family as a child.

Well it's off season now, and it was a ghost town! 80% of the storefronts were shuttered up and closed. I couldn't even get any awful fried things - the signs advertised fried TWIX, SNICKERS, OREOS, TWINKIES! and I was denied!

At least the weather was nice and the moon was full, so we enjoyed a creepy stroll through ghost boardwalk town. [extra creepy was the amusement park area - dark and abandoned it reminded me of too many killer clown movies!]


Insomniac's Attic said...

No fried stuff? How disappointing!

You both look great, as always... :D

Hexotica said...

oh wow, those shots on the beach are surreal. Another great casual outfit!

Anonymous said...

These photos are so cool, especially on the beach with the moon.

And awesome outfits - I especially like your striped jacket!

I love arcades and fair food and the ocean at night.


GothBarbie said...

@the Insomniac - Thank you!

@Hexotica - Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed our beach photos!

@RubyAli - That striped jacket is super comfortable, you'll see it alot this falL! ; )