The Spiritual Bat - at Bathaus!

Philadelphia has a new venue for Goth and Industrial club nights!
DJ ANOREXOTICA runs all different nights during the month and the Death Rock/ Gothic night had live music last week - THE SPIRITUAL BAT - all the way from ITALY!
They were fantastic! And the DJs were great!
Here's what we wore-


Meagan Kyla said...

We went to the Bathaus when we were in Philly last month :) Very nice people!

TanteFledermaus said...

You people are adorable. You barely seem real.

Lady Bethezda @ Bethezdas Preoccupations said...

You guys look great. I really like the little jacket you are wearing in the first pic

GothBarbie said...

@Meagan Kyla - DJ Anorexotica runs the show over there (and DJs) and not only is he a great guy - he's putting a TON of effort into renovating and making Bathaus an awesome weekly goth club! I'm SO HAPPY!!!

@Tante - Thank you so much! What a very sweet thing to say! And always remember, I'm only putting my very best foot forward here, all the crappy outfits and bad photos will never see the light of day! ; )

@Lady B - Thank you! I think the cardigan and skirt were both Hot Topic finds! It's still worth shopping there.