Hello Kitty Leggings and Harajuku Lovers Wedge Heels

Red, White and Blue are not usually colors I wear together - BUT these Hello Kitty leggings could not be left behind! I also got the dress in the same print and a third HK item, another dress in a different print. I was a happy shopper!
I wore this to work the very next day.


Anonymous said...

Your work has a very loose dress code!
May I ask where you work (like what type of job)?

GothBarbie said...

Believe it or not Emocarebear I work in an accounting department. I've found that if you ease your company into your flair, once you've proven your great work ethic, many employers are fine with it. I think it's FAR more important to be well-put-together than to be straight laced even in a corporate environment. These days many people go far to casual (borderline sloppy) in the workforce, so I think my employers are happy that I put effort into my dress.

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

Props for wearing Hello Kitty leggings to work!! And I have no doubt that Miss Kitty herself would totally rock those shoes, if they came in her size (I know I would - I've never had a pair of T straps and I'm dying for some).

Anonymous said...

I love the attention you put into the details of your accessories in bringing together the total look. And those leggings must make everyone smile!

GothBarbie said...

@VictorianKitty - I'm crazy for T-straps! I hope you find a fabulous pair for yourself soon!

@RubyAli - Thank you! I just want to have fun with my outfits!