We finally went out the other night to see a show and dance a bit - it was fabulous fun!
I threw this outfit together and had lots of fun with it! I felt a little bit circus inspired!
I got to dance in my new NEW ROCK Mary Janes!

Found this iphone photo that Charles took at the event, here you can see my fun necklace that happened to be flipped the wrong way in all the photos above!
stupid flipping pendants!


Alexandriaweb said...

I really like the print on your shirt :)

Michele Lynch Art said...

You guys look fabulous!!

RubyAlison said...

Love the outfit, so much fun! I bet those shoes were great to dance in.

I also particularly like the club picture Charles took.

(hopefully this goes through, I got errors a lot when trying to leave comments)

GothBarbie said...

Hi Alexandriaweb - it's SHARON NEEDLES! My newest favorite ICON!

@Michele Lynch- THANK YOU! Charles LOVED his BDAY gift!

@RubyAlison The shoes are good for dancing! We had a great night!

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

OOOOOOOH I adore those shoes. New Rocks are SO comfy, too.