Leopard or Cheetah?

I'm not a HUGE fan of leopard (or cheetah?) print - but now and then I find an item I really like despit / because of the print.
Witness the new skirt-

The dapper man. LOVE those shoes - I want him to rock those more often.

I especially needed this skirt because of my wild shoes that needed some wardrobe items to go with them.

I was extra pleased with my hair that day - pin curls that came out pretty neat - so here are a few more photos.


Meagan Kyla said...

Love the skirt, then again I'm a huge fan on animal prints ;) Love the shoes and hair as well!

Piper Alexander said...

Love the skirt & requesting a close-up of the shoes ;)

GothBarbie said...

Thanks lovely bloggers! @Piper you're in luck - I blogged them before with a closer photo!

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

Leopard print is like little cheerios with a notch out of the side, and usually another shade of brown in the middle. Cheetah is solid black spots. Sorry, exotic feline nerd here!! ;-)

I love the blouse, too! Let's not allow the fabulous skirt (and it IS fabulous!) keep us from appreciating the blouse! ;)

PS: Military Fashion Show started playing (on random) as I started typing this. Lol!

GothBarbie said...

@VictorianKitty - bless your Virgo Soul! You're so smart! Now I know that the shoes are Leopard print!
Thank you!

And how neat that the song decided to play while you were here! ; ) What can I do? What can I say?

Anonymous said...


Now I have gone through your whole blog and I´m really impressed with your creative combinations when it comes to looks and clothes. You can pull of anything, I envy that.

/Jenny from Sweden

GothBarbie said...

Wow @Jenny - What a GREAT compliment! I'm so glad you enjoyed the blog and my various hair styles and outfits! I think anyone can "pull off" anything as long as they're "feeling it" ! Confidence does wonders and magically transforms everything!

I hope you get the chance to try out all your fashion fantasies - there's really no reason not to!

Hexotica said...

You look gorgeous in those close ups!! Love your hairstyle here.