Last Betsey Dress Ever?

Before the stores closed down forever - I bought this dress.

This photo doesn't show all the great detail on his western inspired shirt - but trust me - it's fancy!


ette said...

What a beautiful dress. You look wonderful. I love those tiny pleats stressing the waist.
And a happy belated Birthday!

Traicetrak said...

I loved this dress when you bought it, but I couldn't see all the details and the SHEEN! So pretty. I can tell you feel pretty in it, too. Don't you love that!! =D Dude is looking dapper as ever. How do you both do it? I'm too in love with my jeans. lol

GothBarbie said...

Thank you lovely ladies! I love this dress too! and Traice, I totally think dresses are more comfortable than jeans! ; )

RubyAlison said...

You definitely picked the right dress. So very pretty.