Lace, Layers and Stripes

This is my first attempt at making an outfit with the skirt my sister gave me for Xmas. I'm not thrilled with the flow of this outfit - so I'll keep thinking!


the fashionate traveller said...

Geez - your sister gives you a white skirt - dya think she's trying to "ungoth" you?

If I had a lacy white skirt like that I'd probably go uber white with the whole outfit, in a ghostly victorian style. It could also be burlesqued up by making little drawstrings and hoiking it up at intervals &/or peek out from an overskirt.

Topaz said...

for the record it's pink! I am not trying to "ungoth" her! Who doesn't like pink and lace? :O)

GothBarbie said...

ha ha - as much as I've tried to Goth out my sis - she really hasn't tried to un-goth me. I LOVE pink and Lace! And i like your idea FashionetteTraveler of doing it all light and victorian. I'll have to work on that!