Goth in the summer heat

Another T-shirt fell victim to the shears!

I have my wet hair pinned up in pin curls - keeps me cool and gives me great style later!



Some pretty flowers in our neighbors plot -

And the pretty card my handsome prince created for me for my Bday! He is so sweet!


Guess who went Zip-Lining?

Gothbarbie and Angry Topaz!

This is my rugged outdoors look

They provided the fancy accessories for the day-

We even got fashionable head wear...

So you start at the top of the mountain

Then you ZIP your way down 6 lines ...

And work your way accross 6 challenges - like a tightrope suspended between trees-

My sister has awesome balance and she killed every challenge! I wobbled a lot but did not fall!




Charles got me a fabulous Sharon Needles T-shirt for my birthday! He is SO SMART!
I did have to alter it a bit and give it some shape (it was kind of a blocky t-shirt) - thank goodness I have my trusty Generation T book to help me!


Lace, Layers and Stripes

This is my first attempt at making an outfit with the skirt my sister gave me for Xmas. I'm not thrilled with the flow of this outfit - so I'll keep thinking!


plum stockings and t-strap heels

These shoes don't get out of the closet much - so I thought I'd take some pictures of their recent escape!

It's Damn HOT!

Loving my black sequin wedge sandals! And my batty dress!


You and Me and the Devil make THREE

Well the third party isn't REALLY the devil, but I used to think she was..

My little sister! Love her dress AND her stockings...if only her shoes had a heel...