what we wear to go for a stroll


RubyAlison said...

The dress is another awesome look on you. You really are so amazingly stylish. You must put everyone around you to shame.

You are inspiring me to try a little harder with my outfits, though I'm not quite sure how... My clothes are just kind of clothes.... Hmmm, to ponder.

And the purse? What brand is that? From where did it come? Love it.

GothBarbie said...

First - the Purse is a Betseyville I found at Marshalls! Hope that line continues...

As for how you can amp up your outfits, ACCESSORIES! you could buy all plain clothes and super style them with the jewelry, shoes, belts, stockings and jackets! This dress is a great example - it's pretty plain and I just tied a net scarf around it added a belt and voila - not boring anymore! ; )

If we lived closer I'd totally go shopping with you! I love helping other people dress up!