shopping in Montreal


Hexotica said...

Oh you look super cute and sharp!
Now that I'm not with Maiki anymore I'm going to start wearing babydoll dresses again. They are so comfy and adorable.

RubyAlison said...

Cool graffiti. Also love Industrial Ken's vest. And you look adorable.

ette said...

What an adorable dress. I love the contrasting coloured fabric combined with a lot of black. Great outfit. And the umbrella caused "i-need-one-like-this"-screams when I saw it.

GothBarbie said...

@Hexotica - Thanks! As always you are so gracious and generous with your compliments! Have fun shopping for babydoll dresses! Post some outfits!

@Ruby - Thank You!

@Ette - Thank you! The fabric has MONSTERS on it! I'm a little obsessed with this dress and I keep wearing it over and over again!
As for the umbrella - H&M a few years ago - they always have really cute ones!