pin curl head.

Sometimes I go out with my hair pinned up in pincurls for later.
Oddly, I often get complimented when I'm walking around like this - which to me is the same as wearing rollers. ha ha.


ette said...

Didn't visit your blog for just a few days and you post so many outfits.
Love the grey skirt in your last post and the cut of your dress in this one. And even your better half is wearing colours^^
And I love love love your living room, as much as I can see of it. This chair is so great. Did you paint the pattern on it yourself?

Hexotica said...

You have SO many cute summer dresses! Even though it's winter here, I still buy summer dresses when I see a bargain because you've inspired me to collect them! :)

GothBarbie said...

@ette - Thanks! We bought that chair just as it is - from Homegoods! We love that store!!

@Hexotica - Can't wait to see lots of outfit posts of your collection when I'm freezing this winter! ; )