maybe the last betsey dress (distress!)

When your very favorite designer is closing down for good - it's very distressing!
I'll miss Betsey Johnson's party dresses.

Charles snapped a couple sneak photos of me at the shop trying on possible last purchases.

Both of my favorites in the shop were the exact same fabric and color, making it even harder to choose!

Can you guess which one I went with?

If you guessed dress #2 you are correct! The husband really pushed me in that direction because I loved them BOTH equally.
I want them ALL!


The Fancy Lady said...

betsey is closing down? what what what i didn't know that how sad

Traicetrak said...

I guessed right! =) I think your hubby was absolutely correct. That center zip is elongating, and the minimal detailing will make it easier to accessorize. I love that you went with baby pink and black. I love that color combination!

theEmocarebear said...

I heard a little while ago Betsey's main line was closing and I was a wee bit distraught - I ADORE her designs! I'm glad her smaller lines will be continuing, though. [:

(I would've thought you'd pick the first dress, heh.) xD

RubyAlison said...

I just was writing to you that I couldn't wait to see the Betsy Johnson :-)

Beautiful!!!!!!!!! (that means you, the dress & the dress on you)

And as much as I like the first one too, I agree the second one is better.

(I also love that gray jacket on the wall to the left, & the black one too - it must have been hard not to buy the whole store!)

GothBarbie said...

Thank you my beauties!

@Tracietrak - Thanks! Your opinion makes me feel even better about my choice!

@Ruby - Thank you and it was difficult to walk out of there without buying MORE items...there's still the online store...

Topaz said...

I wish i was rich i would buy every dress in that store now that it is going out of business!!! sad face pet rocks!!

Great choice and it's the one i picked too!!

Hexotica said...

I guessed wisely!

What a nice color and cut! Looks great on you!