Genitorturers T = Red & Black!

Here is a very casual look at us on vacation. I just happen to be wearing a Red and Black t-shirt (another old item from the vault).


Vanitas Glemsel said...

Your photos are great, your looks are inspiring. In my blog you've got the prize "Your blog inspires me."


VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

Is that red I see on your pants, too? And matching zippers on the pants and the boots? You are the reigning queen of coordination! The Virgo in me admires that greatly.

RubyAlison said...

So where/what is that interesting place you are at in the first photo?

Is that a band t-shirt or something else?

Your shades are super cute.

Trying not to stare at the yummy plate of food again! I'm so easily side-tracked...

GothBarbie said...

@Vanitas - Thank you!! How sweet!

@VictorianKitty- yes you spied the red zips! i think I get the matchy matchy impulse from my Mom - you should see HER when she gets dressed up!

@Ruby - The all white bookcase is in the lobby of the Hyatt we stayed at on vacation - their decor is pretty nice! The Genitorturers are one of the few amazing bands out there with a female singer and an amazing stage show! Don't know if they tour anymore though.

And finally - the shades are another item designed by Betsey! Bought at a discount store.