farewell fondue

For our last day in Montreal - we ate at our very favorite restaurant - Chez Suzette. Not only do they have delicious crepes - they also have FONDUE! YUM!


RubyAlison said...

Fondue is one of my favorite things ever.

How do you both manage to always look so awesome!

Love your dress belt combo thing you have going on.

ette said...

It's funny that you chose your restaurant because of the fundue. Here in Switzerland really every restaurant has it and I just hate it. I would be glad if there was one where it doesn't smell like hot cheese during the whole winter.

GothBarbie said...

@Ruby - the secret is to THROW AWAY ALL THE BAD PHOTOS! ha ha ha!
Seriously though - THANK YOU! You are always so sweet and kind!

@Ette I'm JEALOUS!

That is so funny how "familiarity breeds contempt" all over the place! Personally - I have no interest in Cheese Steaks - and the smell in South Philly grosses me out! So I really understand how you feel! I guess we all crave the exotic and get so tired of the everyday.