Crepe happy

More photos from our vacation! The lobby of the hotel had some neat decor.

For the record, our dinner at Ruebens was a GIANT FAIL. So afterward we had to get some edible food for me - this delicious bananas foster crepe saved the night!


The Fancy Lady said...

crepes can always save the night! lol

Traicetrak said...

Great, now you've made me hungry for crepes. LOL

Isn't funny how that pink lobby made a perfect backdrop for you black and gray. Set you off perfectly! And that Mr. Ken, again, no slacker. Even casual. :) Kind of reminds me my dad. Different style, of course, but if he think Mom overdressed him, he'll go back and change to up his game. LOL

RubyAlison said...

So cute. :-) Your outfit looks perfect for city casual fun. Is that a big quartz ring? Very cool.

What is printed on Industrial Ken's cuff? Are those words?

Trying not to stare at the crepes... lol...

GothBarbie said...

Hey when you're in Montreal - just stick to the crepes and you'll be happy too!

@Ruby - the ring is a big mirror - I can actually use it to check my lipstick! Multifunction items rock!

and your keen eye has spotted a sentimental treasure! His cuff is a custom item I ordered on Etsy and it says "dance with me to the end of the world" - a quote from "our song" !