blue and violet hair with blue and violet dress


Traicetrak said...

You know, I was saying, "Ooo, I like." Then you added the bolero and I said, "Wowzer!" Love your Barbie bling. So appropriate for you. =D

GothBarbie said...

Thank you miss Tracie! I love when something old goes so well with something new - happens quite often around this closet! ; )

RubyAlison said...

So fun with your color and dress and make-up and Barbie necklace!

Where did you wear this? Anyplace in particular?

Industrial Ken is so very cute when he smiles. (though I like his serious look too... )

GothBarbie said...

We went shopping that day - to a nice big mall with a Betsey Johnson store - I kind of put the outfit together in honor of Betsey!

I LOVE catching the Mr. with a grin on! Glad you enjoy those photos too!