Hey Cruel World

We went out to see Marilyn Manson touring for his new album Born Villain.
LOVE the new album - the live show was so-so.
Not as many props and costuming and production as the past tours I've loved.
My favorite tour remains The Golden Age of Grotesque Tour.

The BEST part of the night, was seeing my Ken in his wedding boots (he never wears them).


Tenebris In Lux said...

I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about his recent concerts .. which is a shame since I've never seen him live. But you guys are lucky none the less! :-o

RubyAlison said...

You both look fabulous! Concerts are the best (or can be...)

Lesthi said...

You and your man look so awesome together :D I love your outfitposts!

GothBarbie said...

THANK YOU!! For me, no outfit is complete without my beau by my side! And every event is much more enjoyable when I get to experience it with him!

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

You makeup, which is always fabulous, is absolutely breathtaking here. The hair, the lips, the eyes, and those amazing lashes play perfectly together. LOVE Mr. Ken's boots! Why doesn't he wear them more often?

PS: I'm the same way - fun is not nearly as fun without Mr. Kitty being a part of it. I always turn down invitations to "girl's night" because I'd rather spend time with my soulmate. If he's not welcome, I'm not interested. :)

GothBarbie said...

@VictorianKitty - I'll tell the Mr. that you agree with me - he SHOULD wear those boots MORE OFTEN!! I'm really enjoying purple makeup right now, glad you liked this look! Your compliments are so fabulous - you have a way with words!

And it's super sweet that you and your Mr. are so totally in LOVE! I LOVE hearing about happy goth LOVE!