red zip pants wedge zip boots


Hexotica said...

Very cool. I like the little bit 80's retro look of the blazer over a rock tee. And you always make pants look so good!

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

How did you ever find a red blazer and red blouse that match?!?! Every red thing I buy is a different color, and none of them work together. It's actually quite amazing how bad my red luck is.

OMG, your bed is gorgeous.

GothBarbie said...

Hexotica- Thank you! I did feel quite 80's rock in this outfit! I got these fun zip pants at Hot Topic last week, one more pair for my collection!

VictorianKitty~ The top matching the blazer makes my case for hoarding! Ha ha ~ I rarely get rid of any item in my wardrobe, and eventually each item finds it's perfect mate!

And, as for the bed - I'd love to recommend the company we bought it from, BUT it was a nightmare (we had to wait forever for the 1st flawed set and then again for this set which is most CERTAINLY flawed!). At least it looks pretty good! ha ha!

Piper Alexander said...

I hadn't noticed the bed at first, I was focused on how much I love the outfit! The bed is very cool though.